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Unia Kiima Bible Study

Embracing YOU 


“Unia is extremely knowledgeable about the Bible. She has a forthright and powerful style. My mind was opened to new ways of approaching prayer by her.”


“Unia has an approach to bible study like none I've ever experienced.  She takes a portion of scripture and dissects it, then makes it relatable with easy to understand analogies.  Her knowledge of God's word is extensive...I learned so much from studying with her."


“Unia is bold, concise, and relentless in her leadership. If you are ready and willing to change,  Unia will help you break walls with her clear and direct teachings. Regardless of your age and circumstances, Unia will guide you to a stronger relationship with God, confront areas you need to change, and gain a greater knowledge of truth.”


 "Comprehending the bible has always been difficult for me.  Unia’s knowledge of scripture and her way of explaining it allowed me to relate to the word in a whole new way.  Unia also makes everyone feel comfortable no matter your background or prior depth of God’s word.  Unia’s ability to pray is so empowering-I learned to pray like I never have before in my life.  I left every class study feeling so uplifted!"



Bible study times & dates:
Saturday: 3.00 - 4.30PM
@ The Silver Leaf. Main Building.
4069 W. Republic Rd. Springfield MO. 65810

Starting January 28 - April 15th, 2023

* Resources (Book and journal) cost $30
Click here to download schedule

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Bible Study
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