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As a bible teacher: Unia breaks down the word verse by verse and helps you apply it into your day to day life. Her devotionals will be a great tool in helping you fall in love with God’s word.


As a prayer leader, Unia trains congregations and individuals on how to pray in the word. She believes in praying specific scripture over specific situations. Through her prayer guides on specific life situations, she trains the body of Christ to effectively pray in the word of God and in faith.


As a therapist, Unia has over 20 years of talk therapy. She utilizes her spiritual enlightenment to help you navigate your way out of life’s toughest seasons. She also serves as a consultant with various mental health organizations.

Let's GO!! Let's GROW!!

Why Unia?
Bible Text

Her passion, intensity, energy, compassion and ability to connect with any audience is a must have. She will stir you up. Unia makes scripture come alive. She has a knack for using scripture to explain scripture and sitting under her teaching will change your life. Her genuine heart for the body of Christ and it’s power to change the world will be apparent to you.


Prayer is a skill that many lack. If you want to learn to pray effectively Unia can help you. You can be trained as an individual, as a group or as a church on effective prayer that uses specific scripture to address specific needs. Organize a prayer training workshop/event and invite Unia; your group’s prayer life will never be the same. Prayer will become an enjoyable and doable experience.


If you individually or as a couple need to talk through life. Don’t look any further. Reach out, Unia will shed wisdom and perspective on your life. You will be able to navigate your way out of whatever bind life has you in.


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