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 As a faith based author and speaker; Unia speaks to you from scripture and personal experience. Her books, Bible Studies & devotionals will be great tools in helping you grow. She teaches on topics like Fearless Conversations, Embracing self and Spirit filled living.

She trains congregations and individuals on how to pray in the word. She believes in praying specific scripture over specific situations. Through her prayer guides on specific life situations, she trains the body of Christ to effectively pray in the word of God and in faith.


For over 20 years, she has been a talk therapy counselor. She utilizes her spiritual maturity and training to help individuals navigate their way out of life’s toughest seasons. She consultants with various organizations on work life relationships and mental health.

Let's Do This!!

Why Unia?

Her passion, intensity, energy, compassion and ability to connect with any audience is a must have. She will stir you up. Unia makes scripture come alive. She has a knack for using scripture to explain scripture and sitting under her teaching will change your life. 


Unia has authored four books. Say no to Fear, The Fearless Devotional, Embracing YOU and Embracing YOU: The Journal.

Coming soon are Christ in You; A study of Colossians and Managing Life Changes.

Life Counselor

If you need to talk through life. Don’t look any further. Reach out, Unia will shed wisdom and perspective on your life. You will be able to navigate your way out of whatever bind life has you in.

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