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Welcome to The Open House Experience, where we've embarked on a transformative journey to bring you more than just an author but an immersive encounter with Kingdom Culture.

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At The Open House Experience, we offer a transformative journey into the heart of Kingdom Culture. Our mission is to help you discover your true identity and unlock your full potential through spiritual revelation. With our collection of books, you can become an active participant in The Open House Experience and embark on a journey of personal growth. Purchase your key to transformation today and join us on this life-changing adventure.


Lori Morgan

Unia has a tremendous gift in biblical teaching.  She can take a chapter or section of verses and make them relatable to anyone.  

Her way of dissecting scripture and using the simplest analogies helps the listener understand some of the most complicated aspects of the Bible. 


Charlotte Asiimwe Kabogoza

I live in Maryland, USA. Unia kiima’s teaching and Prayer sessions have been a tremendous blessing to me and my family. 

I have learnt to pray in the word and to speak boldly. We always have bible study on Tuesday and a prayer session on Saturday along with a prayer guide. 

This year my Husband and I were believing God for new house. We prayed, God provided and we bought a house. Iam thankful for Unia’s sessions because my faith in God has grown.

It is His will for me to walk in strength and in power



Deanna Cummins

Doing bible study with Unia provided me an insightful, positive, and uplifting experience.  Unia uses analogies that you can relate with to explain the scriptures in a way that is easy to understand.  Unia’s illustration's and explanations of the Bible verses have given me a greater depth of knowledge and a deeper relationship with my Savior. 

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