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The Kiimas - A Family singing group.

Our Story

The Kiimas embody the essence of faith, hope, and divine love through their dynamic music. Hailing from Uganda and based in America, this missionary family of five—comprising Dad, Mum, and three talented teenagers—is not just a band, but a testament to resilience and perseverance.

Their 40–55-minute live concerts are a tapestry of inspiring worship, soul-stirring solos, heartfelt duets, poignant ballads, and eloquent spoken word. Their repertoire spans traditional Christian hymns, original compositions, and contemporary worship that invite congregational participation, even featuring traditional African moves. An evening with The Kiimas is a great opportunity for outreach. The community should be encouraged to invite family and friends that are yet to know of the father's love. Together, we can believe God for their eyes to be open to the truth.

Tehillah, Towdah, and Toviel, the teenage members of the family, serve as compelling role models, demonstrating that youthful passion and devotion to the Lord are undeniably 'cool'. Having shared their message across Asia, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, and The Philippines, as well as in New Zealand and throughout the USA, The Kiimas bring a global perspective spanning over 20 years of effective music ministry.

Currently integral members of the youth and adult worship teams at First Baptist Dallas, they grace the stage with guitars, drums, and keyboards, creating an immersive worship experience that resonates deeply with audiences of all ages. Whether at one of your services or a stand-alone special event, The Kiimas promise to inspire and uplift through their powerful ministry of faith through music.

The Kiimas performance is a free event. They accept love gifts, donations and will take an offering under the advisement of the leadership.

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"Wow, wow, wow! You have done well Unia and Denis" Liz

"Terrific job you guys!!! Your sound is amazing." Lori

"I am team: The Kiimas. Thank you so much for accepting to be used by the Lord. To Him be glory, honor, and praise" Jon

This is too amazing.... Wow Grace

"Sometimes we wish all our families were like yours would be! You bless me, whenever am around you."


"Powerful songs. Thank you Kiimas for the ministry" Adrian

"Wow! Amazing what God is doing with u guys! Go the Kima's.' Pete

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